Rouge Nord – Cirque Pardi!

Show, performance and scenographic installation
Cirque Pardi! – Creation 2018 – For all ages

Is there a word to describe the calm before the storm ?

Rouge Nord
Exquisite fatality.
This enjoyable moment of tension is born between silence and turbulence.
A bright feeling of an approaching gust…
Uncertain future.
Sweet clarity of an eventual storm plunges us into this moment of suspension.

« Mechanic is poetry. Music is a language.
The wire is a dream. Public space is a pillar of expression. »

Experiment through this creation
the relationship between man and machine
as well as the risk approach
which we find in the essence of the circus.
A tightrope performance mixed with a cinematic scenario.
Wandering characters, breaking with their environment.
A decad and dusty universe as a dance floor.
Bring the whole audience together around a tangible and unique tension,
depending on the location, the territory and the public.

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